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Freeform New Zealand Greenstone Serpentine pendant with 925 silver bail. We here at Ariki New Zealand limited are extremely honoured and proud to be able to offer to you our Genuine New Zealand Greenstone products or as the native New Zealand people the Maori call it pounamu.

Greenstone Or Pounamu Heart New Zealand Nephrite Jade With Maori Love Koru Galaxy Engraving Wave Jewelry Maori Spiral Design

Lazulé offers an extensive range of New Zealand Pounamu greenstone and paua jewellery set into sterling silver with all greenstone jewellery being lovingly hand carved here in Aotearoa.

New zealand greenstone necklace. New Zealand Greenstone Toki 95cm WT90. How to Choose Pounamu 1. The NZ Classic Pounamu Greenstone Nephrite Jade Pendant.

9ct Gold New Zealand Greenstone Drop Earrings. Some have a blunt cut at the bottom others are slanted like the second photo. Ad Explore the new arrivals or bestselling fine jewelry from our bestsellers range.

Natural New Zealand Greenstone Pounamu Pendant Necklace – AJJC108 ure on a federal government site. New Zealand Pounamu Greenstone is such an incredibly precious stone and holds a lot of significance for us here. New Zealand Greenstone Toki 7cm WT45.

Hei MatauFish Hook 7. Our genuine New Zealand Greenstone pendants are individually hand-carved. Each raw-stone has unique characteristics formed over millions of years giving every carved.

New Zealand Greenstone Engraved Koru Heart Necklace 50mm 18300. Silverfernz offers the perfect New Zealand gift in the form of a greenstone pendant. The site is secure.

Traditional pounamu greenstone pendants necklaces earrings bracelets rings and art based on Māori design. New Zealand Greenstone Heart Necklace 30mm 7900. We use stone from West Coast of New Zealand in South Island many of our stones are Ngai Tahu certified.

New Zealand Greenstone Koru Pendant Necklace 40mm. Discover the meaning behind the pieces we hand carve. Explore the new season fine jewelry or shop bestsellers.

T210 Wedge shaped greenstone pendant bound. Stone and Bone is home to high-quality genuine NZ Greenstone Pounamu necklaces pendants and gifts that are handcrafted with skill care and respect to Maori design traditions. Best Ever NZ Greenstone Stud Earrings Best Ever NZ Greenstone Stud Earrings SKU.

Natural Nephrite Jade aka greenstone in New Zealand Stylized Maori Adze Toki Necklace 50 mm. 5 out of 5 stars. We also sell international jade.

Circle Square Marsden Flower Greenstone Earrings. Large bound New Zealand Greenstone Toki T217 6cm NZ 12250. They come to you on a traditional black adjustable cord.

Toki Adze Today when worn around the neck the toki is associated with mana strength and honour. Cross Greenstone Healing Properties For years the Maori people of New Zealand used Pounamu Greenstone for its mystical properties. Each Toki is individually carved so may vary a little in shape and length but most will be approximately 4cm 1 12 long and 15cm 12 wide.

The tradition still lives on today mostly seen as pendants for necklaces. Large Genuine NZ Greenstone Mere Necklace Large Genuine NZ Greenstone Mere Necklace SKU. Take a greenstone tour along the Arahura River for a Māori cultural experience.

Explore the new season fine jewelry or shop bestsellers. Our pendants and necklaces are finished to the highest quality each jade pendant lovingly carved by hand. 027 640 2292.

With over 35 years experience we seek to make New Zealands culture more accessible to Kiwis through a wide range of unique Greenstone jewellery and Pounamu carvings. This precious stone has been used for hundreds of years by the New Zealand Maori in tools weapons and jewellery. The greenstone comes from the South Island of New Zealand.

FREE NZ DELIVERY. All pounamu is sourced from riverbeds and boulders in the South Island especially the West Coast. Two Tier Pounamu Earrings.

We craft traditional New Zealand greenstone necklaces pendants working with the largest collection of New Zealand artists. New Zealand Greenstone Flower Jade Hook 40mm 16995. Found in colours ranging from cloudy light green to deep emerald with different markings.

The crystal has a range of physical benefits the most significant of which is the healing energy that it emits. New Zealand Greenstone is a very good tool to deal with depression and address issues that arise from anxiety and stress. Sometimes we may not realize when a stressful situation is taking a toll on your body.

Expected delivery in 2-3 business days. Tiki Necklace with Greenstone Bowenite Gemstone Greenstone Necklace New Zealand Necklace Maori Necklace Maori Jewelry N2116. New Zealand Greenstone Pendant – Breast Plate 73mm 16995.

New Zealand greenstone carving studio. We carve by hand all of our pieces right at the heart of Auckland New Zealand on Karangahape Road. The colour and markings of each stone vary according to its river source.

A Pounamu carving is also a wonderful memento of New Zealand or reminder of home. Pounamu is often gifted on special occasions like landmark birthdays Christenings Graduations or when someone important is leaving the country. New arrivals every week.

Stone is 1 14 long 78 at its widest point. 9ct Gold New Zealand Greenstone Pendant. New Zealand Greenstone Round Toki D124 28cm NZ 8750.

Genuine NZ Greenstone Cufflinks Genuine NZ Greenstone Cufflinks SKU. New Zealand Greenstone Engraved Hook Pendant 55mm 18300. Greenstone is popularly bought as a gift.

Many of the carvings feature as necklaces and earrings offering a lasting reminder of your time in New Zealand. Hand crafted in NZ and available in all the traditional designs fish hook Pikorua twist disc toki adze cross heart fern koru Manaia tiki Whale Tail teardrop Hei Matau and Dolphin. Bezel set Pounamu drop earrings New Zealand greenstone 37000.

New arrivals every week. Can you buy yourself a Greenstone. 366 7995 FREE shipping.

All our pieces are traditionally carved one of a kind and affordably priced. We specialise in restorations. NZ Pounamu necklaces pendants and pounamu jewellery made by hand in New Zealand.

All pounamu pendants are hand made and unique. Pounamu more commonly known as jade or greenstone is a stone mostly found on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Ad Explore the new arrivals or bestselling fine jewelry from our bestsellers range.

The https ensures that you are connecting to the official website and that any information you provide is encrypted and transmitted securely. New Zealand Greenstone Hook Necklace 40mm 13500.

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