How To Measure A Chain Necklace

20-24 Matinee – This style usually falls in between your collarbone and the top of your bust. This style of necklace wraps loosely around your neck close to the base of your throat.

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Easy way to measure desired chainnecklace length is by using a measuring tape.

How to measure a chain necklace. Buy Pre-made Pendant Chain Necklaces. Try to make it comfortable imagining how the real jewelry will fit. Get the size of your neck.

This length will be suitable for a choker a special type of necklace adorned to your neck. Learn about chain length to better understand sizing. 36-42 Rope – These are the long ones.

How to Measure the Necklace Length. Then measure that piece with a ruler or measurement tape to find out your perfect length. Lay the chain on a surface and measure with tape.

This means measuring the size of the necklace and knowing exactly what is going to work for your intended look. After a measurement is obtained its a good idea to opt for a necklace size that is at least the second size up from your neck size. If you are making custom chains be sure to include the clasp and findings in your total length measurements.

Then lay the ribbon against a yardstick or ruler to determine approximate neck size. The simplest way is to measure an existing necklace including a chain necklace or necklace with pendant which suits you or the outfit youre planning to wear. Always begin with measuring your neck size.

Add another 4 inches to this length and it will. Including chain necklaces studs and hoop earrings. You will need a thin piece of rope or measurement tape or at least a thin stripe of paper of the appropriate length.

Wrap it up around your neck. If you cant customize the necklace go for a common. At Halstead we sell finished chain necklaces in standard lengths from 14 inches to 36.

First wrap the ribbon around the base of the wearers neck and mark the spot where the ends meet. 12 14 inch 305 355 cm. 28-36 Opera – If you like lengthier necklaces opt for the opera style which will fall slightly below your bust line.

We also understand that every woman loves a little wrist bling so we have an extensive collection of diamond and rose gold watches. Be sure to note the length. Choosing the right necklace is similar to shopping for the perfect pair of jeans.

We recommend using a yardstick or meter stick in your jewelry studio. This length necklace can be worn inside or outside a shirt. How to Measure the right size for your necklace.

This style of necklace sits just above the collarbone. Now whatever length comes out add 15-20 inches to it for the sake of a comfortable fit. For this take an inch tape and wrap it around your neck.

Another very common length for a mans necklace it can work nicely a cross dog tag or other pendant is added to the chain. We sell all types of chains customize yours. How to Measure and Select the Perfect Necklace or Chain.

After you have laid down the necklace measure it properly with tape. The most common length of necklace for men the 20 inch chain will likely fall between the first and second button on a mans shirt or at the collarbone. Look for choker and princess necklaces measuring between 16 18.

Follow these simple steps to get your chainnecklace length customized. 16 inch 406 cm. The correct way to measure the length of a necklace is when it is open.

17-18 Princess – Disney or not these necklaces usually fall against the collarbone. Heart shaped faces look great with chokers or any short necklace as they create an illusion of fullness and balance out a narrow chin. The information would also guide you when selecting the right findings for the necklace.

When you want to measure the right necklace size for you you need to consider your height your. The importance of knowing the chain thickness. In general necklaces for men range between 20 and 26 inches long while womens chain necklaces are typically in the 16-to.

Finally here are some steps you can use to measure a chain and get the right one for you. A tape measure will work a treat. Below we share with you tips on how to accurately measure the thickness of your favorite necklace.

See examples of chain length from 20 inches to 30 inches. For accurate results you must open the necklace place it on a flat surface and pull at both ends to ensure it is as straight as possible. If you dont have an existing necklace to measure from you can use some string ribbon or a soft measuring tape to figure out what will work for you.

14 inch 355 cm. This style of necklace wraps very closely around your neck a tight fit against the neck. Once it is straight you can place the tape measure or ruler against the stretched-out ruler and measure it from one end to the other.

Short round necklaces will keep from adding length. First of all you need to make sure your necklace is the right fitliterally. Some people advise that you can use a ruler to measure it but mostly a ruler may not get the exact size.

You probably have an idea of why its important for you to know what the thickness of a chain is. 55 – 1 vote Contents show 1 How to measure a necklace to sell 2 Measuring the Length of a Chain 3 Measuring the Right Necklace Length for You 4 Learning Standard Sizes 5 Making Additional Considerations 6 How. Use a tape to measure.

You can measure it if you dont know it.

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