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Theyre meant to be worn as chokers and because of this theyre almost exclusively worn by women.

Different types of necklace chains. What is the strongest type of chain for a pendant. 10 Different Types of Jewelry Chains 1. It can vary in being round or flattened.

This fashion article is gender-neutral and versatile so it can be worn by both men and women. Lets discuss 12 popular types of chains and how to choose the right one for your look. There are so many types of Neck chains available in the market.

Box chains have squared links rather than round links for a boxy appearance. The wheat chain is constructed of one-directional twisted oval links that mimic the look of wheat stalk tips. Chains can be made from a variety of metals but the most common are silver gold platinum or steel.

Popular for pendants of all kinds this versatile necklace type is used. Since the metal affects the construction it also determines whether. A ball bead chain is composed of a series of tiny beads that are linked together to.

Chains are available in a range of forms and designs. Some make a statement whereas others compliment a pendant. There are a LOT of different types of necklaces.

Perhaps the most recognizable the link chain is a simple type of chain comprised of small rectangular links interlocking with one another in a thin line. Neck chains are highly durable and can vary in size according to the need of the customer. This chain is also known as Marine chain.

Different types of necklace chains come with different types of metals. Ball Bead Chain. Their links are either Z-shaped or S-shaped and create a very smooth look.

Semi-rigid in structure this strong chain proves to be a sturdy foundation for adornments or worn as a classic solo statement necklace. The type of the metal determines how durability and appeal of the chain. Explore the new season fine jewelry or shop bestsellers.

The design mimics the chains that are. Platinum is also available and its strong and durable. Used for ship anchors necklaces alike chains can be durable delicate heavy or light made of steel iron gold or silver.

For nicer jewelry silver is the most common. However silver does require more upkeep as it tarnishes. A bib necklace as the name suggests covers you up like a bib.

You can get yellow or rose gold chains silver titanium and platinum among others. Called the MarinerAnchor chain. This link chain was inspired by those in the nautical world.

Made of flat oval links that create a complex pattern resembling pieces of wheat. This is a great chain that could definitely be worn on its own or with a pendant. It might be tough to decide which length necklace to purchase and not everyone is familiar with the.

As the name suggests this type of link is inspired by the design of boat anchor chains. 1218 Trace 12 gauge wire in inches 0012 18 links per inch. This is a unique chain that is inspired by the nautical world.

Different Type of Necklace Chains. 1831 Figaro 18 gauge wire 0018 3 small links per inch 1 large links per inch. As the name says a bib necklace covers the same region as a bib.

Pair with a small pendant if you wish. The anchor chain is often called a Mariner chain. The curb chain is.

A chain can change a pieces length comfort level aesthetic and more. Here is an example of a gold jaseron chain. Necklace chains can be made of many different metals.

There is a myriad of necklace chain styles. A guide to various chain styles for necklaces bracelets. Its easy to take for granted how a necklaces chain alters its overall appeal.

New arrivals every week. This chain is an example of a flat anchor chain that we mentioned. A chain represents an unbreakable connection personified beautifully in the various types of necklace chains.

Different Types of Necklace Chain Links in Alphabetical Order Anchor Chain Mariner Chain An anchor chain has as the name implies the nautical look of the chains found around dockyards tethering boats safely to port. Omega chain types are very similar to herringbone chains in construction. Since you know what kinds of necklaces you want but how long should they be.

The difference is that theyre kept short in either 16 inch to 20 inch length options. We at exotic diamonds offer gold chains in 10k gold 14k gold and many more variations. Ad Explore the new arrivals or bestselling fine jewelry from our bestsellers range.

The links are totally flat but still retain that anchor design with the bar in the middle. Some metals create delicate thinner chains. Now that you know which types of chains chain clasps necklace chain length and necklace materials you want consider these 23 different types of necklaces.

Ad Explore the new arrivals or bestselling fine jewelry from our bestsellers range. Rope chains consist of a number of gold or another precious metal segments. A ball chain is also called a bead chain.

Ball chains also known as bead chains are made up of orbs linked together by bars. Explore the new season fine jewelry or shop bestsellers. Their links are flat but have a complex and curved appearance.

Top 10 Types of Necklace Chains AnchorMariner Chain. STERLING SILVER AND GOLD ROPE CHAIN NECKLACE. The segments are connected tightly in twos or threes with a twisting pattern so that it resembles an actual rope.

The chain links are oval and are sometimes cut with a straight edge. The Different Types of Necklace Chain Lengths. The code numbers that precede the different types of necklace chains relate to the size of the chain.

Some need only a single strand of links whilst others tie strands together to. Anything but basic the box chain also known as the Venetian Chain is symmetry at its finest. This type of chain consists of an alternation of round links and smaller oval links.

Texture and nature come together in this timeless design. Mariner chain necklaces are one of the strongest of the different. The Importance of Different Types of Necklace Chains.

It is a series of beads that create a chain by being linked. In our opinion and many others the rope chain is one of the most beautiful types of chains. This necklace is fashionable right now and bib necklaces are ideal if you want to put away your winter scarves but still want some decoration on the front area of your blouse.

Jewelry chains can indeed be simple or highly complex. Perhaps youre searching for a 16-inch necklace an 18-inch necklace a 20-inch necklace or even a 24-inch chain. Dress it up.

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