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During your play through of Red Dead 2 members of your camp will request items from you. The reward for completing this request is a Medicine as well as a small Honor boost.

Tilly Requesting Necklace Red Dead Redemption 2 Item Request Youtube

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Necklace for tilly rdr2. Where else can i find a necklace for Tilly. Check out this Red Dead Redemption 2 camp item request guide to get them all. A lot of the discoverable shacks homes will have random jewelry spawns.

At some point she killed Anthony Foremans cousin Malcolm slitting his throat when he tried to make advances on her and left. Red Dead Redemption 2 Camp Item Request Guide. After encounter do not save and load the game before reading the note because if the player saves and loads the game before reading.

So I got prompted out of the blue to give a necklace to Tilly and realized I had two pearl necklaces. Ive slept for a few days and also loaded a save hoping wherever she is would get reset but Im having no luck at all. Sometime after the gang disbanded Tilly married a lawyer from Haiti with the surname Pierre and is now pregnant.

I found one very early in the game in the ODriscolls camp far west on the map then sold it. Tilly asks Arthur to bring her a necklace. 11 Dutch Van Der Linde 44 Dutch the leader of the gang with his last name attached happens to be 44-years-old.

See more ideas about necklace necklace jewelry display womens necklaces. If this in regards to a request from a camp member pretty sure any necklace will do-The biggest oxymoron ever is an open-minded liberal. At some point in the second third or fourth chapter Bill asks a surprised Arthur to get him some hair pomade.

Everyone I can think of is here except for Tilly. Feb 23 2020 – Explore Enguaxds board necklace for tilly rdr2 followed by 121 people on Pinterest. Search containers especially the ones locked with a key and loot corpses.

29 posts 627 533PM. If it doesnt appear for you the first time reload the save. Buck Antler Trinket Rdr2 Online Dane Topaz Necklace Locations.

This is an extremely common item that can be found in all random camps on the map as well as by looting corpses. I finally have that necklace for her. This quests can happen at an.

I may be mistaken but I think you can find a necklace for her at the ruins of Sadies home up in the mountains. Does she hang out at a spot here that is easily missed. Cant give Tilly a necklace.

Live Bigfoot in RDR2. At various times members of the Van der Linde Gang will ask Arthur Morgan ie. You to get some sort of special item for them.

While in the City of Saint Denis John Marston ran into Tilly Jackson. In this video Ill show you 2 locations where to find a Necklace for Tilly in Red Dead Redemption 2Thanks for watching. Play RDR1 first or this.

I hope you guys enjoy the video do. Head to the small cabin located in the west part of West Elizabeth region. Tilly asks Arthur for a Necklace.

Im at chapter 3. I was able to just give a watch to Lenny any ideas on how to get the prompt for Lily to give her. Is there an in-game.

You can find the jack hall treasure early on in red dead redemption 2it contains a pearl necklace that you can either sell for 4 or give to. Hair Pomade Chapter 2 3 Or 4 This is another simple request. Poor judgement and sketchy encounters in bathrooms at bars.

I just arrived at camp in Shady Belle and cant find Tilly anywhere. This is one of the most common jewelry pieces found in the game. Where can you find the Silver Pocket Watch in RDR2.

Be sure to get them quickly so you dont miss your chance to turn. Op 11 mo. The daughter of a former slave tilly became an outlaw at the age of 12 running with a gang called the foreman brothers after they kidnapped her from her mother.

Letter from Tilly is one of the letters in Red Dead Redemption 2. Saved the game before opening the chest and had to load the game twice before I finally found it. It didnt work but thx anyways.

Tilly Pierre née Jackson is a supporting character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2. I go to the camp outside Rhodes in chapter 3 and see her indicated on the map but I can only greet or antagonize her. Z_cherub 3 years ago 4.

Red Dead Redemption 2 The Necklace For Tilly Jackson Was A Pain In The Arse To Find Lol Youtube. I was told there was a second necklace not far north of Moonstone Pond in the center of the map in a chest on the mountain with the face a bracelet was in it not a necklace. Red Dead Redemption 2 Item Requests For The Gang Members List Maps Tips Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide Gamepressure Com.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Tilly Necklace Youtube. How old is Dutch. Johnny Hurricane October 25 2018.

The daughter of a former slave Tilly became an outlaw at the age of 12 running with a gang called the Foreman Brothers after they kidnapped her from her mother. Turn off autosave create a manual save before going into the house looting the drawer. 38 posts 75 149PM.

Necklace found in the chest on the scaffolding near the face in the mountain. The letter can be obtained from dining table in Beechers Hope after encounter with Tilly in Saint Denis after completing the mission A Quick Favor for an Old Friend. You can also loot jewelry from higher level NPCs bounty hunters named characters etc or try robbing some ladies in the wealthy district of San Denis.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Where To Find Necklace For Tilly Item Request Youtube

Red Dead Redemption 2 Camp Item Request Guide

Buck Antler Trinket Rdr2 Online Dane Topaz Necklace Locations

Rdr Tip If You Acquire A Bounty And Camp Out At This Location In The West Of Strawberry There S A Maxim Gun Mounted On Top Of The Barn This Plus The Fencing

Red Dead Redemption 2 Tilly Necklace Youtube

Red Dead Redemption 2 Camp Item Request Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 Tilly S Necklace Location Youtube

Red Dead Redemption 2 Camp Item Request Guide

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