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458 sales 1499. All of the soil should be dry before watering.

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Dolphin necklace plant. In addition to not overwatering using well-draining soil is key to healthy dolphin plants. Soil Very well drained. Long trailing stems of fleshy mini dolphin-shaped leaves bluish-green in colour.

Check out our dolphin necklace plant selection for the very best in unique or custom handmade pieces from our shops. Check out our dolphin plant selection for the very best in unique or custom handmade pieces from our plants shops. Here are the steps to take for propagation.

Rated 480 out of 5 based on 215 customer ratings. The leaves look like cute little jumping dolphins. If the soil is still moist you risk giving this plant too much water which can make it start to rot.

After the drying period you can plant the cutting in a pot of well-draining soil and give it a good soaking. Theres a new plant in town. 440 sales 1999.

But whatever you like to call it theres no denying the ornamental value of this succulent that grows well both indoors and outdoors. Botanical Name Senecio Peregrinus. In some places people fondly call it the dolphin necklace while others know it simply as the flying dolphins of the string of dolphins.

You can allow the little dolphins to trail out from a hanging basket to make a truly eye-catching display piece. You dont have to look at the plant for long to see why. Senecio peregrinus Curio peregrinus Senecio Hippogriff – dolphin necklace.

Top off the soil with pebbles or perlite and pat everything down to make sure the succulent does not budge from its place. It flowers frequently throughout most of the year with small white daisy-like fowersA hybrid of Curio rowleyanus and Curio articulatus Dolphin Necklace is quite a hardy plant and more forgiving that most succulents. Fun hanging basket and indoor plant.

Remove the bottom leaves to fully expose the base before setting it out to dry for 48 hours. Light Full sun to part shade afternoon shade in summer. Otherwise known as flying dolphins the dolphin necklace or by its scientific name Senecio Peregrinus this plant has been an instant hit in the succulent community particularly in Japan and its not very hard to see why.

Thanks to the cascading dolphin leaves hanging down over the pot this plant is a talking point in any. The Senecio Peregrinus also known as the Dolphin plant or Dolphins Necklace is truly a unique plant. Common Name Dolphin Necklace Dolphin Succulent.

Cut a healthy stem of at least 5. String of Dolphins 2 inch Curio peregrinus Senecio hippogriff dolphin necklace flying dolphins plant. It is not so common to find this species.

Senecio peregrinus commonly known as a Dolphin Necklace or Dolphin plant is a unique-looking succulent growing leaves that look like tiny jumping dolphins. Plant the dolphin succulent in the soil and spread out the roots as much as you can. Senecio herreianus Purple Flush – Cuttings – 495.

201 Shop reviews. Senecio Peregrinus is a hybrid between Senecio rowleyanus and Senecio articulatus. Theyre native to the dry regions of southwestern Africa and can grow up to 6 inches 15 cm tall.

Add both to Cart. Tiny flowers that you can snip off to keep the clean look or leave on for added interest. Browse our colourful unique range of Indoor and Outdoor plants.

Gardeners Treasures is the largest online plants and gardens nursery industry for natural plants retail and production nurseries in Adelaide. How to care for Dolphin necklace. Email me when this Plant is Available.

Take a shovel and make a hole in the soil. They look great placed up high on bookcases shelves stairs or. Ends 31 August unless sold out before.

Foliage Bright green. Rated 482 out of 5 based on 201 customer ratings. Altogether this will help prevent situations where it will sit in water.

The Dolphin Succulent has also been commonly known as String of Dolphins Dolphin Plant Flying Dolphins and the Dolphin Necklace. The dolphin plant is known by many other names. Senecio Peregrinus – Dolphin Necklace – Cuttings – 495.

Place in a bright room that is sun drenched almost all day. The Dolphin Succulent is a sought-after and slightly rarer trailing succulent ideal for lovers of Senecio and collectors of trailing plants. Also use pots that have drainage holes at the bottom to allow excess moisture to escape.

The leaves grow on trailing stems that can reach up to a metre or more in length. Or directly in a south-facing window. Height Trailing habit to 60 cm.

String of dolphins with its succulent dangling stems has other common names such as flying dolphins dolphin necklace and the dolphin plant. Curio x peregrinus Dolphin necklace flying dolphins dolphin plant Senecio hippogriff String of Dolphins Plant. The fleshy oblong arching leaves have small pointed parts resembling a dolphins pectoral fins.

Especially in Japan the Dolphin plant is immensely popular. 215 Shop reviews. The leaves grow on stems and look like dolphins jumping out of the water.

Spread Around 20 cm. About Senecio String Of Dolphins Senecio Peregrinus urbanjungling. The Dolphins are complete including dorsal fin.

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